March 25, 2016

A good day in the Maine Legislature - By Rep. Sue Austin

Serving my fifth term in the Maine Legislature, I am reminded that nothing is easy here under the Maine State Dome. Hence the ole’ saying, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Well, after a month long tug of war with much debate and a tremendous amount of nail biting frustration, we gained critical passage of a very positive piece of legislation. That bill, known as the tax conformity bill, means Maine will conform to the recent changes made to the federal tax laws last December. 
On the surface it sounds rather drab and plain, but for our businesses scattered all across Maine this is something very substantial. This bill provides $38 million in tax relief to the Maine people and our state’s businesses as it also supports a predictable and stable climate for businesses to operate in. Due in large part to our high tax rates and high energy costs, Maine has developed a reputation for being unfriendly to business. Passing this bill sends that positive message for those who want to shed that image and instead show with “proof in the pudding” that Maine welcomes business and capital investment with our doors wide open.
We also welcome the good paying jobs that come with those investments. I’ve been on the state committee of jurisdiction that addresses public policy for business for almost 10 years and there has always been one certainty of need resoundingly expressed within the business community: Business wants the continuum of predictability and consistency that sound state policy can provide.  Nourishing capital goes and grows where it’s welcomed and stays and plays where it’s wanted. 

For our presently established Maine business partners, and for investors looking at Maine as a possible new business location, alignment of tax conformity isn’t boring or drab! It gives affirmative testimony to being welcomed and wanted players in a vibrant Maine economy!

Rep. Sue Austin represents the people of House District 67 - Casco (part), Frye Island, Gray (part) and Raymond (part)

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