March 18, 2016

Geography Bee won by sixth grader from Windham - By Michelle Libby

Sixth grader Matthew Fox won the annual National Geographic Geography Bee at Windham Middle School recently and has now qualified for the state geography bee to be held April 1 at the University of Maine at Farmington. 

“I’ve always had an interest in geography. I have maps and globes in my room. I chose to do it because thought it would be fun,” Fox said.

Fox is not the first sixth grader to win the Windham bee, but he is one of the few to beat out seventh and eighth graders, according to bee coordinator, teacher Julie Anderson. 

The questions were the luck or unluck of the draw, but for Fox, he was prepared having studied with his father, a social studies teacher in Falmouth. Each night, Fox and his father would sit down and do geography flash cards. 

Fox got all seven of the questions in the first round correct. “We thought, he knows his stuff across the board,” Anderson said. 

The hard questions were the ones with no options and he had to name a country or capital, Fox said. “Some I knew off the top of my head.” When he called his mom to tell her the good news, she thought he was out because the bee took less time than they expected. They celebrated the win with ice cream. 

He is still preparing for the state bee. “I don’t expect to be close to winning,” he said. “But, I made it that far, so that’s pretty good.” To qualify for the state bee, Fox had to take an electronic test and be one of the top 100 scores in the state. The winner of the state bee will go to Washington DC for the National geography bee.
Fox is on the Windham Middle School learning team of Stokes/Hopkins/Cook. 

Fox would like to be a United States Marine or a basketball player when he grows up. “I want to do something that helps America,” he said. 

The WMS runner up was eighth grader Owen Flibbert. “It was very competitive,” said Anderson.
The final question was “British Columbia’s largest city hosted the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup championship game. Name this city.”

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