March 4, 2016

Windham legislators announce plans to seek re-election

In what could be described in the political world as clearly unprecedented, Senator Bill Diamond (D), State Representatives Mark Bryant(D) and Patrick Corey, (R) have announced together that they will be seeking reelection to their offices as Windham’s Legislative Delegation.  Since their elections in 2014 the three legislators have made their constituents their highest priority.

In this day of escalated partisan bickering, the delegation, consisting of one Republican and two Democrats, have set aside their political affiliations while working for their constituents in Augusta. 
Representative Bryant said, “We have worked hard as a delegation on such matters as improving dangerous intersections, fighting for residents’ rights and recognizing high achieving students and newly awarded Eagle Scouts.”

Representative Corey agreed. “We have tried to focus on the issues important to Windham like making sure the River Road is completed while meeting citizen concerns and working to make sure the proposed new correction center is financially responsible and satisfies the concerns of the neighbors.”

“Announcing our reelections together while coming from both the Democratic and Republican parties is clearly unprecedented and sends an important message that the Windham Legislative Delegation’s priorities are the people of Windham,” Senator Diamond said.

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