October 14, 2016

Dollar General open in Windham - By Stephen Signor

Back in the late spring, ground was broken for a new Dollar General located at 367 Roosevelt Trail. Four days ago the doors to one of over 7,000 stores opened to a small but continuous crowd throughout the day. Considered a soft opening as opposed to a grand opening, it happened as if under a shroud of mystery without bells and whistles, we as consumers have come accustomed. 

“Actually we were scheduled to open on Sunday at 4 p.m, but product delivery delays dictated otherwise,” shared a store associate who cannot disclose his identity. The store also opened with a minor glitch.  Customers entering the store were greeted with “just to let you know, today our credit card chip reader is down. All we can accept is cash and no chip credit cards for your purchases,” he continued.

The lack of a full parking lot is no indication of Dollar General’s popularity. With over 7,000 stores its success speaks for itself. And despite a slow start to the day there was a variety of reasons for stopping. One Windham resident who wished to remain anonymous said, “I am here just to drop off an employment application.” 

Almaria, a resident of Gray came here once when it wasn’t opened. “I was very disappointed,” she expressed. But now that it is open General has a loyal customer. “I’ll stop here all the time, there’s always something I need. I shop here for my cleaning supplies and toys for the grandchildren. I see something I like, I grab it,” she continued.  

As for an official grand opening, this has yet to be determined.

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