November 11, 2016

Deb McAfee is a friend and supporter of patriotism

In 2005 the Field-Allen Legion Post 148 of Windham instituted a very popular program of displaying 100 full size flags on the utility poles on the highways and byways of Windham from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  

Then Principal Deb McAfee of Windham High School personally supported the program by writing a check to purchase six flags that would be placed and displayed in front of the Windham High School expanse along Route 202.  There was one stipulation; that the flags remain flying from Memorial Day to Veterans Day in front of Windham High School.  When the flags around Town came down after Labor Day, these six flags have remained up every year per her request.

Over the ensuing 11 years, McAfee has continued to support the program.  This year, now vice-principal Deb McAfee again stepped up and contributed sufficient funds to replace the aging hardware on the poles for “her” flags. 

In recognition of Deb’s support of the Flags Around Town Legion Program over these many years, she is being recognized by the Field-Allen Post with an Americanism Award and a Certificate of Appreciation for her personal and selfless dedication to our Flag and the Legion program.

Pic – Commander Mel Greenier presents Deb McAfee with an Americanism Award for her support of the Flags Around Town program put on by the Field-Allen Legion Post 148.

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