November 18, 2016

Student of the week - Sam Foley

The Windham Eagle’s student of the week is 10-year-old Sam Foley. Sam is in fourth grade and has Kelley Williamson as his teacher at Manchester School.

The person who has helped him the most with education is “Mrs. Williamson because she makes us learn by trying out new things to make us improve in all different subjects.

Learning fun comes from “doing things wrong, but then realizing that they are right or played a big part in learning how to do things right.”

One of his greatest accomplishments is being great a sports through a lot of practice. His free time is spent practicing spelling, going outside or practicing hockey.  

“Sam is an all around perfect representative of the 3 Bs.  He is friendly and hard working all day, every day.  He takes his education seriously.  He knows that learning is hard work and he is up for the challenge.  He is well liked and is a kind person to all.  I selected Sam for student of the week because of his effort, enjoyment,  and success in his fourth grade career,” said Williamson. 

Sam would like to go to USM and play hockey. 

Sam’s parents are Amy and Patrick Foley and he has a brother Jack. He also lives with Ellie, a pitbull mix, and Jonesy, a chocolate lab.

Favorite subject:  Gym          
Favorite movie: Daddy Daycare
Favorite holiday:  Christmas
Hobbies and extracurricular activities:  Hockey, baseball and soccer

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