November 11, 2016

Town of Raymond welcomes new finance director - By Lorraine Glowczak

It was a day of celebration and joy mixed with a bit of melancholy on Friday, October 28th at the Raymond Town Hall as outgoing finance director Nancy Yates handed the baton over to the newly hired finance director Cathy Ricker.

“I am so thankful for all the opportunities afforded to me while I was here,” Yates mentioned when asked if she had any words to share about her retirement. Yates expressed both her sadness about leaving all the remarkable individuals she has met and worked with for the past 20 years and yet, is also looking forward to the many adventures she has planned in her retirement.

Although Yates will be missed, both as a person and a successful finance director, she is passing the baton onto another very intelligent and capable individual in Cathy Ricker. Ricker, a certified public accountant who is a graduate of University of Southern Maine’s accounting program, began her first official day on Tuesday, October 18th

My last position was as the controller for the City of Portland, I worked there for 6 plus years,” Ricker stated. “I will be working closely with all the town staff in putting together the annual budgets, the financial statements, and maintaining the financial records of the town.”  Ricker explained.

Other duties that will be expected of Ricker were listed on the application requirements include budgeting, investment of funds, and revenue administration that will involve financial forecasting and capital planning. Also included in the director’s duties are invoice payments and payroll management as well as preparing financial statements and reports for presentation to the board of selectmen reflecting financial standing. Ricker will also be responsible for the preparation of the annual budget working closely with the town manager and department heads as well as working with a financial advisor to prepare for bond financing. She will also prepare required reports as mandated by federal, state and county agencies, ensuring that cash is safeguarded and will act as the chief liaison with the auditing firm. 

When she is not busy working on the town finances, Ricker, who lives in Brunswick with her two daughters Teresa and Jennifer enjoys her free time reading her favorite books and taking long leisurely and relaxing walks. 

I look forward to exploring all of Raymond, it is a beautiful town,” Ricker stated. As a result, one should not be surprised to see Ricker exploring and walking along one of the many beautiful trails in Raymond during her lunch hour. If you do see her, be sure to take a moment to welcome her to the great community of Raymond.

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