November 3, 2017

Student of the Week: Drayden Remington

Drayden Remington, age 8, a student at Windham Primary School in Mrs. Arbour’s classroom, is The Windham Eagle’s Student of the Week. The third grader enjoys building cars, wrestling with his friends and collecting 4-wheelers.

“I selected Drayden because he makes our school a better place,” stated Principal, Dr. Rhoads. “He is friendly and warm to students and staff. He has been working hard to learn as a third grader and to follow our Primary Rules, the 3 Bees.” 

Remington states that he loves to learn because you get smarter, but it also gets harder. His favorite subject is math and he states that his Granddad has made the most significant contribution to his education.

Remington lives at home with his grandparents, two cats, four salamanders, eight fish and one bird.

Favorite movie: Horror movies
Favorite music group: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, 21 Pilots
Favorite holiday:  Christmas

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