June 22, 2018

“Great Awakening” history talk describes how times haven’t changed

Over the last couple of years, we have heard many people say that things have never been this crazy, divisive or have seldom had so many serious problems as we face now. It’s often been said that things are changing so fast we cannot keep up. 

If one looks at our history, however, there have been times that were much crazier than this, with disagreements serious enough for Americans to go to war with one another. One such period occurred between the War of 1812 and the start of the Civil War. This was when our friend, Nathaniel Hawthorne (born 1804), lived and he resided part of the time right here in Raymond, Maine.

In the early 1800s, America was rapidly changing from a rural country of isolated small farmers to a more connected, urban and ever-expanding country. People’s lives changed not only due to revolutionary inventions such as the telegraph and railroad but also because of changes in religious beliefs, which played a dominant role in American life. 

New ways of thinking and believing evolved, eventually leading to the birth of several new religions including Unitarian, Quaker and Mormon. 

The evolving beliefs of these and other religions eventually had a major impact on society, leading to the rejection of slavery, rampant alcoholism, child labor and the inferior status of women.

To learn more about this transformative period, the Hawthorne Community Association invites you to attend a talk by trustee John Manoush entitled, “The Second Great Awakening” on Saturday, June 30 at 6:30; immediately preceding the Hawthorne House’s Annual Strawberry Festival. 

A $10 donation includes the talk and the best homemade strawberry shortcake available.  It also helps support this historic home in our midst. The location is 40 Hawthorne Road - corner of Hawthorne and Cape Roads in Raymond. For more information visit: www.hawthorneassoc.com.

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