December 20, 2019

Students learn the reality of journalism

Belle Clapp, Ashlynn Moorehead, Ellie Szostalo
and Journalism Teacher Ryan Lowell in front of the Green Screen
 By Lanet Hane

Students in Windham High School’s Journalism course have been learning all about the process of writing great stories. In addition to learning the craft, they have a number of opportunities throughout the course to experience the real-life world of careers in journalism.

Last week students were provided the opportunity to tour WGME, experiencing everything from green screens to the feeling of being on-air. They had the chance to interact with people who have made a career out of journalism and were immersed in the real-life application of the work they have been doing in the class.

Later in the week, Lorraine Glowczak of The Windham Eagle joined the class to talk about her experiences as a writer and editor. They had the opportunity to ask questions about the process of writing articles, keeping deadlines, working for a newspaper, and much more.

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