July 16, 2021

Ribbon-cutting event marks OTELCO’s launch in Windham

OTELCO held a ribbon-cutting event at the North Windham
Fire Station on Tuesday morning for their Lightwave Fiber
Network expansion project in Windham. From left are
Robin Mullins, executive director of the Sebago Lakes
Region Chamber of Commerce; David Nadeau, chair of the 
Windham Town Council; Richard Clark, OTELCO president
and CEO; Trent Jones, OTELCO vice president of marketing,
sales and service; David Allen, OTELCO vide president of
network operations; Thomas Bartell, executive director of
the Windham Economic Development Corporation; and 
Barry A. Tibbetts, Windham Town Manager.
By Ed Pierce

A little rain didn’t hamper a special celebration in Windham on Tuesday, as representatives of OTELCO joined town and chamber officials in welcoming a new telecommunications provider to the area. 

OTELCO is undertaking a major initiative of bringing improved broadband connectivity to portions of Windham and the project will include the construction of 30 miles of lightweight fiber internet.

According to Richard A. Clark, OTELCO’s President and Chief Executive Officer, the new network will serve about 2,200 locations initially, with the possibility of more locations added with demand.

“OTELCO’s Lightwave Fiber Internet is truly the next generation of broadband,” Clark said. “It is fast and reliable, and most importantly, you can upload just as fast as you can download. That means Lightwave is ideally suited to remote work, distance learning, and telemedicine, vital functions that have become central to how we live and work in the wake of the pandemic.”

Clark said that construction of the OTELCO project will take several months to finish, and he fully expects the network to be available for residents and businesses in Windham in the next few months.

Once ready, OTELCO will begin scheduling installations to get connected with the new service.

“We know how important connectivity is for communities like Windham, and we're excited to have the opportunity to offer the latest technology in the form of fiber broadband to keep Windham residents and businesses connected,” Clark said. “We encourage everyone to visit www.otelco.com/builds and click on Windham to learn more and check availability for their location.”

He said that the website contains a map of the initial planned project area and how to sign up for service once it is available.

“As I indicated, approximately 2,200 homes and businesses have the opportunity to connect to high-speed Lightweight Fiber Internet in August,” Clark said. “Learn more about what a better, faster connection could mean for your family.”

A survey for future expansion of the project in Windham is also contained on the website and OTELCO urges anyone interested in Lightwave Fiber Internet to answer the survey questions, he said.

“Strong demand for connectivity in neighborhoods around the current project will help prioritize future expansion and increase your chances of getting connected to Lightwave,” Clark said.   

On hand to help Clark launch the project in Windham on Tuesday at the North Windham Fire Station were Robin Mullins, Executive Director of the Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce; Thomas Bartell, Executive Director of the Windham Economic Development Corporation; Windham Town Council Chair David Nadeau; Windham Town Manager Barry A. Tibbetts; and Windham Fire Chief Brent Libby.

OTELCO provides wireline telecommunications services in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont and West Virginia at more than 67,000 locations. The company’s services include local and long-distance telephone, digital high-speed data lines, transport services, network access, cable television and other related services. It also provides competitive retail and wholesale communications services and technology consulting, and managed services. <

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