April 28, 2013

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,
Just wanted to say great job with the paper.  I've really been enjoying it.
Look forward to reading every issue.
Take care,

Pat Lucas

Dear Editor,
Thursday afternoon my family of 5 and our dog headed out for a nice walk on the trail beginning at Gambo fields, going around the loop, down into the powder mill area and back to the parking lot; only to find on our return, my passenger side window smashed out and my pocketbook had been stolen!  The punks only got about $10.00 in cash and my nice cell phone, which I immediately had shut down service.  But of course it took several hours of my time to call credit card companies, the State of Maine for my license and my bank to cancel and renew several accounts.  And of course, taking time to have the window repaired.

I realize vandalism happens off and on at this location, but I haven’t heard of anything recently and that is probably why I became complacent; I know better!  I am hoping you can bring this to the attention of all of the good people of Windham and surrounding towns so that they can prepare and not let their guard down when they park.  You do become complacent if it has never happened to you, just like I did leaving my bag on the floor in the front of the vehicle.  I would have never expected this would happen. 

I am also thinking these thieves took the money and started throwing the items they didn’t want out.  My family and I have scoured the area, but come up with nothing.  I am hoping that when people begin to clean up their yards someone may notice my stuff strewn on their lawn.  My bag was small, but the pictures I had on my phone cannot be retrieved, and that is what saddens me the most.  I am hopeful that someone finds these things.

Kim Snow

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