January 5, 2014

Second grade community service project

 Second graders at Windham Primary School raised $630.73 for the animals at the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals (MSSPA). The students were from the A and C house classrooms of Joyce Whidden, Beth Peavey, Rebecca Miller and Jacqueline McDermott (team teachers), Aggie Reichl, Lori Gurney and Kelly Rich and Sheila Smith (team teachers).  
During the second grade field trip to the MSSPA in October, the students learned about needing to be responsible by taking care of animals. They also learned that it takes a lot of help and support to take care of so many animals like the ones that live at the MSSPA. The classes have been talking a lot about being thankful as well as giving to others. 

The second grade classes have worked on a community service project to help the horses and other animals at the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals in Windham. The students brainstormed numerous ideas that they could do to help raise funds. They came up with some very creative options and worked hard. “We are all very proud of their efforts!” said the participating teachers.  

“Even little people can make a difference,” said teacher Kelly Rich. 

Thank you to the parents for helping their child learn about working hard, being generous, and giving to others. There are numerous research studies that have proven that children exposed to animal humane education programs develop enhanced empathy for humans and animals. 

“May the horse be with you!”

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