June 9, 2014

Three vie for two spots on the Raymond Selectboard - By Michelle Libby

Lawrence “Lonnie” Taylor

Lonnie Taylor is running for re-election. He’s lived in Raymond for 43 years. 

“I feel I'm a good fit for the town since I'm a lifetime resident and always have the town’s best interest at heart,” he said.  Keeping the mill rate down seems to be most important for our residents. Taylor also said that the townspeople want to keep things they receive such as curb side trash pickup.

When asked what is more important, the environment or business development, Taylor said, “I feel that our environment as well as business is of upmost importance. I want to give/keep all residents that want to live in Raymond the ability to stay in Raymond, anyway possible.”

Julie Sutherland

Julie Sutherland is running for one of the three seats up for election. She has been a Raymond resident for four years. She is looking to get elected “because the residents need someone on the board that will listen to all residents, not just a selected few. I also feel that the residents are not being represented fairly.” Sutherland sited issues with taxes, schools, back door dealings, paving our shorelands, not being listened to and needless spending.
She wants to make sure that “All tax paying residents are listened to, have a voice and be allowed to vote at town meetings.” 

When asked which is more important, the environment or business development, she said the environment.

“Raymond is a pass through town, if we want more people to move to Raymond, then we need to update our schools, stop needless spending, listen to all residents, let the residents have peace in doing that they want on their own property as long as it follows town and state regulations without interference from town government,” she said.

Sam Gifford

Incumbent Sam Gifford has been a resident of Raymond since 2005. He is married with four grown children. “I love the town of Raymond. I think as a selectman you have an opportunity to move the town forward to do something important to the residents,” said Gifford. 

He believes that economic development helps to help with the tax base. When asked which is more important, the environment or business development, Gifford said, “Both are. The environment is important, it always is. Business development is a critical issue as well. They can be complementary of each other.”

Gifford would like to expand the recreation facilities in town. “We should have that as one of our new creations that will draw new businesses and young people in to town.”

Gifford has been on the select board for three years and six months.

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