April 13, 2015

Windham Primary third graders re-tell Windham's history at concert - By Michelle Libby

Under the direction of Nancy Cash-Cobb, the Windham Primary School third graders took turns narrating their spring concert filled with details about Windham’s past. From when the first settlers set up house in town, to when a bus picked kids up for school, more than 100 different students spoke at the microphone between patriotic and historical songs. 
The speaking lines were written by local historian Kay Soldier, who was born in South Windham and has lived in town her whole life. She was unable to attend. “I was glad to do it. It’s always good to keep the kids interested. History should be fun, interesting and relevant.”

Walter Lunt, a local historian who also writes for The Windham Eagle, takes all third graders on a tour of historic sites in Windham each year. He was recognized for his work. He was also unable to attend.
The opening and closing song was written by local songwriter and singer Rick Charette for Windham’s 250th anniversary. The song was retooled for this year, the 278th year of Windham’s history. Charette was in attendance and was honored with flowers by the third graders. 

“I’m glad it was successful,” said Soldier. “Come over to the historical society and visit us this summer to see all the little treasurers we have.”

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