August 31, 2015

Tanguay crosses border to educate history buffs - By New Hampshire resident Gerald P. Hastings

At a recent Wakefield-Brookfield (NH) Historical Society meeting, a full room of members and guests were educated and entertained by guest speaker Dave Tanguay of Windham, Maine. Tanguay made the trip to Wakefield Corner, New Hampshire to speak about the History of Lanterns at society headquarters, The Little Red Schoolhouse.

Pictured here: David Tanguay of Windham as he presents the "History of Lanterns."  
Tanguay and his wife Lin set up a very large display of lanterns in the schoolhouse. Tanguay is no stranger to historical memorabilia, as he is the vice-president of the Windham Historical Society, and is in charge of programs, and Lin is chairperson for refreshments. The evening started out with live pre-meeting music provided by Dusty Wilbur, and Franco and John Rancourt, which lasted for 45 minutes.

Tanguay gave a great presentation on lamps and lanterns, their uses, styles and types, and manufacturers. Tanguay had over forty lanterns on display, including railroad, construction, warehouse, scouting, carriage, bicycle, automotive, and even hard to find small skating lanterns. From early lanterns to present day modern lanterns, Tanguay knows his stuff. A few members and guests brought lanterns for Tanguay to look at and evaluate, which opened up the floor to an extensive question and answer session. Refreshments and fellowship followed, and a great time was had by all.

Photo captions: Live pre-meeting music at the Wakefield-Brookfield (NH) Historical Society was provided by these three kind local folks. From L to R, Dusty Wilbur on guitar, Franco Rancourt on steel guitar, and John Rancourt on mandolin.

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