September 15, 2016

Community responds to Toby Pennels blood drive - By Stephen Signor

Last Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Red Cross was busy taking care of donors. American Legion Adjutant Dave Tanguay explained, “When doors opened at 9am, 11 eager contributors were waiting to do their part. Toby’s wife Brenda also made an appearance and was actually there most of the day. She was very pleased with the response and thankful to those who were involved in organizing the drive.” 

Every quarter there has been a blood drive here for two years. “This drive was moved up from the regular quarterly date to accommodate this cause,” said Tanguay. 
During the course of the day the flow of donors continued. The cause was obvious, the response, well received. In reflection, Tanguay reiterated the impact Toby Pennels had on the community. From his military service to his work on the RSU14 School Board and his devotion to the Windham Veterans Association, Toby made his mark on Windham and Raymond. 

Windham Planning Director Ben Smith said he was “using his lunch hour to donate and was glad to do it”. Jokingly he added, “I’m not here in an official capacity.”  When all was said and done 28 units were collected. Although the hope was for 40 to 50 Tanguay said, “I still consider this a success.”

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