September 23, 2016

Consumer fireworks discussed at Windham Town Council - By Stephen Signor

Three days ago Windham Town Council met for the purpose of examining the current issue surrounding the use of consumer fireworks. This has been a sore spot for numerous residents since the legalization went into effect in 2012. During the session a petition for action containing over 100 signatures was presented to council members.  Residents cited examples of the noise by explaining, “The explosions are so loud is like being in Afghanistan. Clearly these particular fireworks are commercial rather than consumer grade.” 

The issue of damage from fireworks was presented by residents who stated they live on Sebago Lake. “I have had scorch marks on my boat cover and other property damage.”  

“Noise from fireworks is one thing, but when damage occurs this is more disconcerting,” said town manager Tony Plante.

Additional testimony by residents who spoke publicly was enough to convince members that something needed to be done. The point of enforcing the current law was also presented. 

“The majority of our calls complaining about the noise created by fireworks have been received prior to 10 p.m, making it impossible to respond because the current law allows usage up to that time,” said Windham Police chief Kevin Schofield.

It was unanimously agreed that something needs to be done and at the next meeting on October 4th steps will be taken to put something in place and voted on at the October 25th meeting.

The public is always invited to attend these meetings and videos can be viewed at

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