September 15, 2016

Traffic light causes delay at Angler's Road intersection - By Stephen Signor

The road work at the intersection of Whites Bridge Road and Route 302 has been going on for awhile only to come to a complete stand still. This delay in completion, ironically enough, is due to the delivery timing of the mast arms for the lights from the manufacturer. “The mast arm is what suspends the traffic signals above the road. These are the same type mast arms holding the signals at Boody’s Corner (Intersection of Routes 302 and 115/35) and the only other one in existence in Windham; the rest are on span wires,” explained planning director Ben Smith. 

According to Smith, “Everything else is set to go. We are just waiting on the light mast. After that a curb will be installed to block off where the entrance to road used to be, the sidewalk finished and then the top coat of paving,” said Smith. With the amount of accidents at this intersection in recent years this is a welcome change. “This has been a safety issue for some time. With the change, Anglers Road will be directly across as opposed to being offset. As a result, a good portion of the old Anglers Road will become extended parking area for Franco’s Bistro,” Smith continued. No comments were available from Franco’s Bistro. 
Under contract, the work has to be done by October 15th.  The value of the contract awarded to Grondin this past March was $842,980.  Grondin has had a couple subcontractors on the job as well, but that work was included in the contract award.  There have been a few routine change orders, but this project is still on budget”, concluded Smith.

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