June 9, 2017

Local high school student is honored with The Sage Colleges’ “Student Sage” Award By Lorraine Glowczak

Genevieve Delano, a junior at Windham High School (WHS) and known for her dynamic participation in community activities, has received The Sage Colleges’ distinguished designation as “Student Sage Scholar.”

Delano’s exceptional contributions to both WHS and the rest of the Windham and Raymond
communities include the inception of PowerServe, a service organization that provides landscape assistance, minor repairs and painting remodels for non-profit organizations and individuals in need.

She is also involved in a multitude of other activities, most recently, a high school nutrition program in which she joined forces with other students in changing the perception of schools lunches.

The criteria for the award are as follows:

*B+ average or better, in core classes only.
*Top 25% of class.
*Make school an exciting, creative, and engaging place of learning; lead debates on critical issues, possess powerful communication skills.
*Be actively involved in the community; able to balance numerous activities with enthusiasm/leadership; devoted to leading in ways that improve community's wellbeing, growth, and communication; motivate to serve and inspire others to develop and grow.

Award recipients also exemplify The Sage Colleges’ motto, “To be, to know, to do.”
For those unfamiliar with Sage Colleges, it is a private educational institution that encompasses three colleges in the state of New York: Russell Sage College, Sage College of Albany and the Sage Graduate School.

Delano was nominated by a group of high school counselors and administrators. One of the members on the committee included WHS Guidance Counselor, Dana Burbank. 

“Not only is Genevieve a top student in her junior class, she is truly a model student amongst her peers,” Burbank said. “She is one of the most respectful and selfless students I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Her involvement beyond the walls of WHS is tremendous. From coaching youth gymnastics, to her involvement within her church, and all the way to being the Director of PowerServe, Genevieve’s commitment to bettering her school and local community is inspiring.”

WHS principal, Christopher Howell also expressed his praises of Delano. “Genevieve is a wonderful young lady who has a huge heart for serving others,” Howell began.  “I have been thoroughly impressed by all of the work that she has done behind the scenes in order to make PowerServe a reality in our community.”

Award winners are guaranteed a minimum of $40,000 during the four years of study at Russell Sage College or The Sage College of Albany in recognition of their academic achievements and community involvement.

If this is a tell-tale sign of her future, it looks good. “She’s a wonderful young lady who is destined for success in so many different ways,” Burbank said.

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