June 9, 2017

Student of the week: Lucas Arntz

Lucas Arntz, a third grade student in Mr. Marc Miller’s class at Windham Elementary School, is The Windham Eagle’s student of the week. The 8-year-old enjoys playing basketball, jumping on the trampoline with friends and practicing football with a friend to help him get on the football team.
“There are many reasons that make Lucas a great Student of the Week,” stated Mr. Miller.  “Lucas is a wonderful kid who always gives his best effort each time he tries something. Equally important, he is a good model for his peers on expected behaviors in and out of the classroom.  Each morning, since the first school day last August, Lucas enters the classroom with a big smile and a ‘Good Morning, Mr. Miller!’ It is something I look forward to each morning and I will miss it when it when summer arrives.”

Arntz’s favorite subject is gym and credits his mom for making learning fun because she helps him study his math. “Learning is fun when you get to learn new problems that you didn’t know before,” he said.

Arntz lives at home with his mom, dad, two older brothers, one dog and a cat.

Favorite movie: “Fast and Furious”
Favorite music group: MKTO
Favorite holiday: Christmas!

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