March 30, 2018

Raymond Selectmen express concern over Shared Vehicle Maintenance Facility by Lorraine Glowczak

The Town of Raymond Budget and Finance Committee held a joint workshop with the Select Board on Tuesday, March 27 at the Broadcast Studio, 423 Webb Mills Road in Raymond at 6:30 p.m.
Although the workshop agenda items included budget reviews of and updates on, such items as the Raymond Village Library, Raymond Recreation and Public Safety to name a few, it was the subject concerning the shared vehicle maintenance facility recently voted in this past November by Windham residents that was the focus for the first 30 minutes.
The maintenance facility was endorsed by the RSU14 School Board and the Windham Town Council of which the Town of Raymond is expected to pay a certain percentage toward the cost of the bond.

Chairman of the Select Board, Teresa Sadak explained that a Cost Sharing Agreement was established on March 25, 2015. In that Agreement both towns concurred that each would pay general costs, upkeep and repair of buildings shared within the RSU14 district. However, any new footprint, such as a new building, would be paid solely by the town in which the new building was built.

“For the town to pay a portion of a bond on a building that Raymond is not going to use, I have an issue with that,” Sadak stated at the workshop. 

Other concerns were also shared and expressed. There was mention that the school board did not research a more competitive cost and was not diligent about finding a less expensive alternative.

“We are open to communication with both the town of Windham as well as the school board and have reached out to both, but haven’t had much luck connecting with them,” Sadak stated. “In fact, the RSU#14 board does not see a purpose for a meeting, but I feel like Raymond taxpayers’ dollars are being used and we deserve answers.”

The Budget and Finance Committee is aware of the concerns expressed and will consider looking into it further.

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