March 2, 2018

Second Annual Legislative Forum allows area business owners to speak with local delegation by Lorraine Glowczak

Citizen engagement in policy making is an important right for all Americans and being a business leader and entrepreneur in the community is no exception. Not only does it make one aware of the democratic decision-making process but provides an opportunity to influence decisions that may affect you and/or your business. 
Owning a business can make it difficult to travel to Augusta during the legislative session to take an active role in and provide input on public policy. It is for this reason that the Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce (SLRCC) will provide another Legislative Forum for the Sebago Region Business Leaders on Saturday, March 10 at the St. Joseph’s College Campus in the Baggot Street CafĂ©, inside the Heffernan Center from 10 a.m. to noon. The morning will begin with ½ hour Meet and Greet followed by the 1 ½ Legislative Forum.

“This will provide area leaders an educational opportunity to discuss issues or concerns and connect with their area representatives and delegation,” stated Aimee Senatore, Director of SLRCC. 

Senatore also stated that the Chamber does not take political stances but wishes to serve the community business owners and potential owners with an opportunity to discuss important policies that may have an effect on their success. By having this opportunity, delegates gain awareness about the needs of their constituents.

“It's impossible for me to know everyone's perspective on a particular issue,” stated Windham Representative, Patrick Corey (R). “I can make much more informed decisions when people contact me and let me know how a particular policy will affect them.”

If one is unable to attend, there are a variety of other ways to reach out to your delegation member, whether that is by phone or email. “The best way for a constituent to contact me is the manner that is most comfortable for them, especially for those reaching out to me for the very first time,” stated Windham Representative Mark Bryant (D). “I am available by many forms communication, email, home phone number, U.S. Post Office and face to face.”

Sharing specific experiences can prove to be helpful when speaking to a delegate. Raymond Representative, Jessica Fay (D) points out that the personal story can potentially have the greatest impact. “Stories can be a very powerful way to talk about the impact of policy.”

What has been witnessed among the Lake Region Delegation is their ability to work together in a civil manner to assist the business leaders as well as members within the Sebago Region communities, casting aside party lines, which provides for open and informative discussions and positive actions. 

In a recent Windham Town Council meeting, Senator Bill Diamond stated to the Council, “We [the delegates] put party differences aside. We work hard at that and it makes a difference at what we produce. We know that it is the best way we can serve those we represent.”

For more information regarding the Legislative Forum, contact Aimee Senatore, Director of the Sebago Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce at or by phone at 207-892-8265.

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