July 6, 2018

Faculty spotlight on Phil Rosetti by Matt Pascarella

Phil Rosetti
Assistant principal, Phil Rosetti has been in the district, in one capacity or another for over twenty years. He began his career in 1996, right out of college, as a social studies teacher at Windham High School.

Rosetti loved working with his Social Studies teacher during high school and that individual inspired him to become an educator. “I think that connection you make with people is important,” he explained. Education and working with kids is something he has always enjoyed.

In college, he investigated a couple career options, including sports medicine and journalism. By the end of his sophomore year, his passion for history and working with kids lead him to teach social studies. “I made that decision and have not regretted it since.”

Rosetti’s love of athletics steered him to coaching at Windham High. His passion for football is what created the first football team. He, along with the basketball coach at the time, Kevin Millington, organized the team in 1999.

During the late 1990s, some students were not feeling like they were a part of the community and creating the football team helped to solve that issue, at least for those who joined the football team.

“These were kids, who may have been disassociated with school - once they put those jerseys on they were proud of who they were, proud of what they represented and proud of their community and school,” Rosetti said.

http://www.downeastsharpening.com/In 2015-2016 he moved to South Portland High School becoming assistant principal for one year. He found his way back to Windham and became a full-time assistant principal working with at risk youth.  “I’m looking to make a connection to help kids learn from their mistakes.”

“Windham has been home for me,” says Rosetti. “I’ve made so many great connections with so many people within the community. It’s a really nurturing place with people who really care about kids and want the best for them.”

Rosetti lives in Raymond with his wife, Sara and 7-year-old daughter, Maria. He enjoys golfing and travelling with his family.

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