November 8, 2019

Hawthorne Halloween was an entertaining and successful fundraiser

By John Manoush

The Hawthorne Community Association (HCA) wishes to thank everyone who attended the first Annual Halloween Costume Party this past Friday, November 1st, on Hawthorne Road in Raymond. The event was part of a fundraising effort for some much-needed structural repairs.

Long-time trustee, Abel Bates, l
ooking much like Hawthorne himself. 
Notable costumes included a deer, car with glowing headlights, plant pot, self portrait, brownie, Bob Ross, disco queen, rodeo clown, The Joker, a witch, sock hop sweetie, Hester Prynne, and even Nathaniel Hawthorne himself!  It was an exceptionally fun night and there are already some new ideas in the works to surprise folks for next year’s event.  After expenses, the event raised over $300 to kick-start the fundraising efforts ahead. More importantly, the HCA has gained some enthusiastic new members.

The association recently employed a structural engineer to take careful stock of the building and prepare a report explaining details of needed renovations. There are three major components to the work:

*Replacement of deteriorated wooden clapboards on at least one side due to recurrent mold and inability to hold paint. The cost estimates for this job are upwards of $8,000.

*Reinforcement or replacement of significant portions of the foundation. The structure of the floor has long been a concern for the association, greatly limiting the usefulness of the building for community sponsored events such as dances.  These repairs may cost $50,000 or more.

*Repair or replacement of sagging roof supports and the roof itself.  The approximate $10,000 dollars needed for this phase will be a priority due to the threat of a collapse during times of heavy snow loading.

Although the Town of Raymond generously provides a stipend of $1,000 per year and our members contribute regularly, the cost of repairs is far beyond HCA savings. The association intends to pursue both grants and community fundraising over the coming year. A GoFundME page has already been set up – search on Hawthorne Community Association.  

The Hawthorne House is on the National Register of Historic places and is one of the most important historic treasures in Raymond – please help us keep it standing!

The Hawthorne House will also be hosting its annual Christmas Party on the evening of Sunday, December 8th.  Please check our website ( for more information or call John Manoush at 207-655-7660.

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