November 15, 2019

Student of the Week: Jaylin Leng

Jaylin Leng, a third-grade student at Windham Primary School, is The Windham Eagle’s Student of the Week. Leng, who is nine years old, states that he enjoys playing on his iPad, watching funny videos, playing pretend and playing with his stuffies.

“I selected Jaylin because he has worked hard to improve his academics and following directions,” stated Principal, Dr. Karl Rhoads. “He has made tremendous growth as a learner!”

Leng said his greatest accomplishment is being a good swimmer. The people who have  meant the most to his education are his friend, Matthew, his teachers and his family What makes learning fun for Leng is recess and playtime because they “make everything fun.”

Leng lives at home with his mommy, Shawna, his daddy, Geno along with his brother, Leelin and two pit bulls, Navi and Champ.

Favorite subject: PE which Physical Education
Favorite movie:  SpongeBob Movie
Favorite holiday:  Christmas

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