November 8, 2019

WHS students explore local business as future job potential

By Lanet Hane

Students at Windham High School recently took advantage of an opportunity to visit Sabre Yachts and learn about future job opportunities right here in Raymond.

The experience included a tour of the facility, with conversations about how everything worked and
Tucker Thompson of Sabre Yachts showing
freshman, Garan Laszok and others the
many steps in yacht production 
how the boats are eventually put together. “I liked that the trip was informal, and Sabre could possibly be a future career path for me,” says Sophomore Dillon Foley after the trip.

Though informal in nature, the students were still exposed to a wide variety of career options. Because Sabre Yachts is a production company, positions include everything from woodworking to customer service and engineering.

The company also has a number of employees who will be retiring in the next handful of years, providing fantastic opportunities for young adults in the area.

“It’s those soft skills that we really look for,” Don Wentworth, the Production Manager, told the students, “If you are willing to show up and put in an honest day’s work, we have a place for you at Sabre Yachts.”

Don shared this insight when explaining what a great place Sabre Yachts can be to work. Don himself started out elsewhere in the company and over the years moved into his position, “The majority of management positions are hired from within.”

This field trip is one of many opportunities Windham High School is providing students as they explore careers of interest right here in Maine.

Thank you to Sabre Yachts for having our students!

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