March 1, 2015

Raymond Village Library holds forum to construct strategic plan

The Raymond Village Library held a strategic plan community forum last week at the library.
A library has “strategic plans so that a plan is in place to guide a library toward being better,” said library director Sally Holt. 

The strategic plan is like a “well planned road trip with stops and an itinerary of what to visit with a final goal in place,” according to Holt. The stops can however change depending on the library use and patrons needs. 

“The trustees and I have been working on a new strategic plan for the last couple of years and invited the public to participate in the creation of it. It is their library and it is important that they have a voice in its future,” said Holt. 

There are seven goals set out including “maintain and enhance a quality print and electronic collection of current materials and resources for all ages. Support the community’s need to learn and use new technologies. Conduct a feasibility study to determine the best way to increase the Library’s physical space.” 

These goals are working toward creating the library as a hub for activities in the Town of Raymond.
For more on the strategic plan, visit with Sally Holt at the Raymond Village Library, 3 Meadow Road.


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