May 8, 2020

Alexandra Hammond wins SMAA Citizenship Award

By Matt Pascarella

Windham resident and Cheverus senior Alexandra Hammond has worked hard to be a leader both during games or meets as well as within the community. Aside from playing a variety of sports, she dedicated over 200 hours of her time to community service. Last month, Hammond was awarded Cheverus High School’s Southern Maine Activities Association (SMAA) Citizenship Award.

Alexandra Hammond (photo by Shelly Rose
Cheverus Athletic Director, Amy Ashley, said Hammond was chosen because of her multi-sport participation and being a great citizen of the school. She always competed with an emphasis on sportsmanship and represented Cheverus positively. Academically, she was a top-notch student and was always willing to help out and volunteer.

“She does what you would hope all kids would do…a serious student and a serious athlete; kind, compassionate, very easy to cheer for. Cheverus was very lucky to have her,” said Vice Principal Dan Costigan.

“Receiving this award felt like a perfect summation to a career that was cut short with Cheverus High School Athletics. I worked be a leader on and off the court, field, or runway,” said Hammond. “This award made me feel like all the dedication had not gone unseen and that I have been able to leave a mark on my community.”

Hammond played varsity soccer, indoor track, varsity basketball, varsity volleyball, and varsity softball (and was planning on participating in outdoor track this season on top of softball). Outside of Cheverus, she has played Thunder Softball, Velocity Soccer, Thunder Basketball, and Maine Juniors Volleyball.

The ways Hammond has given back to the Cheverus and Windham communities are multi-faceted. At Cheverus, she has been a community read leader, a summer reading program, for two years. She has helped lead the freshman retreat, orientation, and reunion. She has volunteered at the Special Olympics basketball tournament at the University of Southern Maine; and she has helped to encourage independence and to teach the different sports individuals may compete in for Special Olympics at Windham Primary School.

Hammond says community involvement is important to her because she has grown up in a very connected world and there are many people she depends on. “This community has given me so many role-models that I wanted to become one myself and give to others what I was fortunate enough to have.”

Her softball coach agrees.

“Alex as an athlete goes beyond any stat. Her passion for softball is shown through her commitment and hard work on and off the field. All it takes is to watch her play one game to know that she plays with more than just skill, but also with heart and integrity,” said softball coach Theresa Hendrix.

During this time, Hammond is working to be a role model for the freshmen and dwell on things that will happen, rather than things that won’t. Her softball team stays in touch via weekly Zooms and fitness challenges are posted by Coach Hendrix daily. Hammond is looking forward to what is coming by doing cardio exercises and strength workouts. She also hits 60 to 100 balls off a tee daily and has a throwing routine with her dad.

“I do everything I can to be the best teammate, captain, supporter, student, and athlete I can be. I think part of being a student athlete is definitely keeping the grades before the sports.”

Hammond added, “The credit is not mine for this award, it belongs to those that supported me through Windham schools and onto Cheverus, my parents and family for the emphasis on community, my coaches that understood my academic needs, and all my friends that understand me and support me.”

Next year, Hammond will attend Stonehill College in Massachusetts to play softball. She will be majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Biochemistry on a Pre-Optometry route.

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