January 7, 2022

Fay announces bid for re-election

State Rep. Jessica Fay will run for
re-election in the redrawn District 86,
which includes the towns of Casco,
Raymond, Frye Island and parts of
Poland along Thompson Lake.

RAYMOND – State Representative Jessica Fay has announced her candidacy for re-election to the Maine House of Representatives.

Because of redistricting, the geographic make-up of the district that Fay currently represents as well as the district number will change. The new district she will run to represent will include the entire towns of Casco, Frye Island and Raymond as well as a part of Poland along the shore of Thompson Lake.

The new district will be re-numbered as District 86.

Fay grew up in a hard-working middle-class family. Her dad worked for General Dynamics after serving in the U.S. Navy while her mom stayed at home until her two young daughters reached school-age. Generations of Fay’s family have served on various public and private boards and committees and through their church, teaching Fay at a very young age about the importance of community.

“I learned from my parents that civic participation is a part of our duty,” Fay said. “One of the most important parts of the job of state representative is listening – and to question both those with whom you often agree as well as those with whom you disagree – even while working to build trust and compromise.”

To stay in touch with people in Casco, Poland and Raymond during her tenure, Fay has held office hours both in person and remotely, as well as sending out regular e-news updates. She welcomes questions and suggestions from her constituents and encourages people to contact her anytime.

During her time in the Legislature, Fay has focused on and successfully passed legislation about issues that people she serves have brought to her attention. These include tackling the crisis in the workforce caring for older Mainers and people with disabilities, working on behalf of domestic abuse survivors, cleaning up toxic chemicals and protecting water quality in our lakes and ponds. 

“By connecting with our community, I’m better able to understand what’s important to people and what keeps them up at night,” said Fay.

She has a solid record focused on diverse issues that matter deeply to Lake Region Mainers: property tax relief, long-term care for older adults, and protecting Maine’s natural environment from chemical pollutants like PFAS. She has responded to her constituents’ concerns directly, passing legislation ranging from protecting law enforcement K9s and Search and Rescue dogs to ensuring that insurers give a fair market price on automotive damage claims.

Her legislative colleague, State Sen. Bill Diamond says he admires her willingness to serve the community.

“Rep. Jess Fay is always putting the needs of her constituents first and foremost above the pressures of partisan politics,” Diamond said. “She is fiercely independent, always guided by common sense and a leader who is respected by Democrats, Republicans and Independents.”

Fay currently serves on the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. Her past Committee assignments have included the Environment and Natural Resources Committee and the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committees.

The election for state representative will be held Nov. 8. <

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