April 1, 2022

CAT ferry to reconnect Maine to Nova Scotia this summer

The CVAT ferry will resume service between Yarmouth,
Nova Scotia and Bar Harbour, Maine starting May 19.
HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – After a hiatus because of the global pandemic, passengers will once again travel swiftly by sea between the U.S. and Canada starting May 19.Bay Ferries is excited to restore marine service between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Bar Harbor, Maine, enabling travelers to conveniently explore two beautiful sides of the border.

"We are thrilled to see The CAT back at it," says Bay Ferries CEO Mark MacDonald. "It's excellent news for travelers, our tourism economy, and for Nova Scotia and Maine."

The return of The CAT restores the historic marine connection between the U.S. and Nova Scotia. Ferry service between Yarmouth and Bar Harbor first began in 1956 and over the years, ports, operators and vessels have changed. The desire to travel over the ocean between countries, has remained strong, as has the recognition of the importance of ferry service to port communities.

The CAT is perfectly suited to the crossing with a maximum speed of 50 mph.

For travelers from the U.S., The CAT offers the opportunity to explore Nova Scotia – Canada's Ocean Playground –boasting more than 13,300 kilometers of staggeringly beautiful coastlines. In the U.S., the voyage provides easy access to everything from Old Orchard Beach to Acadia National Park and all of New England.

For all travelers, The CAT means less time inside a car, and more time exploring.

"Couples, solo adventurers, and families are eager to get out on the open road – and open ocean – to see, taste and explore experiences beyond their backyard," says MacDonald. "I know we are all more than ready to get out there, to see and do everything we've missed over the past couple of years. The CAT is going to make this exploration easy and fun."

The CAT high-speed ferry, which completes the crossing in about 3.5 hours, starts May 19 operating four days per week, increasing to seven days a week on June 23. Service will move to six days per week on Sept. 7 and the season ends Oct. 10. Travelers on foot, motorcycle, car, SUV and RV are all welcome on board.

Crossing may be booked online at Ferries.ca. <

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