October 11, 2013

School Board member Mike Duffy joins Sebago Educational Alliance - By Becky Longacre

RSU 14 School Board member Mike Duffy was recognized at the last school board meeting for his eleven years of service and dedication to the students of the Windham-Raymond area.  He is leaving the board to join the Sebago Education Alliance (Maine state law dictates he cannot hold both positions without a conflict of interest).  Though he is leaving the board, he will still be advocating for students of this area in his new position.

The Windham Eagle (TWE): Was there a particular event that inspired the recognition?

(Duffy): I think that the school committee decided that after my serving for 11 plus years on the school board that they would like to thank me for my service.  State law dictates that a member of a local school committee cannot be employed by the district.  I recently accepted a position with the Sebago Educational Alliance.  The Sebago Educational Alliance is under the fiscal agent of RSU 14 so my contract is under the umbrella of RSU 14.

(TWE): What are some major highlights of your career?

(Duffy): Increased student achievement; higher graduation rates; controlled spending; [a] new high school; school consolidation between Windham and Raymond; hiring and retaining [the] most productive employees; positive relations with the three labor unions in the district.

(TWE): What are some major struggles and triumphs?

(Duffy): Major struggles are always focused on funding.  [We have] reduced state and federal funding yet [have] to continue unfunded mandates.  Also balancing the needs of the students while keeping the local taxpayer in mind [is challenging] and [there are] difficult economic conditions in the state.

 (TWE):  What does the future look like for the Windham-Raymond school district?  What can we expect?

(Duffy): The future looks extremely bright and positive for the students of RSU 14.  More participation in Advanced Placement courses at the high school; Standards-based education that should benefit all students. Higher graduation rates, more students choosing college after secondary education; more students being accepted into top notch colleges and institutions.

The educational big picture is sometimes hard to put into perspective and balance.  Mike Duffy has seen the big picture for 11 years and we wish him luck in the future.  He can be reached at mduffy@sebagoalliance.org for more information.

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