April 6, 2014

Time for a change - By Thomas Tyler

I write this to inform the citizens of Windham that I will not at this time seek to be re-elected to the Maine House of Representatives in the new house district 24. I am however happy to see Windham has grown enough over the last decade to have two representatives solely for Windham. Over two years ago when my former employer decided to move the company out of state I decided to stay home not moving to the south where my job went. From that my wife and I considered becoming self-employed starting my own sales company as a manufacturer’s representative. Doing so has created a wonderful opportunity for me, not only for income but also helping other companies obtain business through my contacts in the industry I came from. My wife has also retired during my term giving us the opportunity to do some traveling, spend time with our family. 

Winning or losing the next election was never a consideration. With the support I have received over the last two years my confidence level of success was high. I never say never to anything in life, so who knows in a few years you might see my name on a ballot again. That said I will say our current political atmosphere is not working well in Augusta. One side of the aisle wants nothing more than to spend your money in liberal programs causing to us to raise taxes taking more and more of your hard earned dollars. Constant fighting between the parties trying to make each other look bad going into the fall elections is the norm. It has not been a great two years in the chambers of the State house. 

Lastly I do want to say a big “Thank You” to all of those who voted for me and to all who have contacted me with their opinions whether they agreed with me or not. I do enjoy working for the people of the district. Please do not forget that I am your representative until December, so please if my help is needed for state issues contact me. 

Rep. Thomas Tyler represents District 110 that covers parts of Windham and Gray.

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