February 10, 2017

Student Of The Week - Katie Kaschub. Congratulations!

Katie Kaschub is a senior at Windham High School and is The Windham Eagle’s Student of the Week. The 17 year-old enjoys learning in all fields of study, but finds history, specifically U.S. history, her favorite subject. “I love learning about history because it helps me understand why the world is the way it is now.” Kaschub stated.

Kaschub’s future plans is to major in Political Science, with the hope of attending a college in Washington D.C. or Virginia. She is very politically active in the community, having attended some political protests that created the changes she had hoped for. This, she has discovered, is one of her greatest accomplishments.

“Katie is a talented and accomplished student with high aspirations for her future.  Throughout each of her four years at Windham High School, she has quietly worked to help and support others, without any expectation of personal praise or reward,” stated one of her teachers.

Kaschub stated that her grandparents have been one of her greatest supporters in her education and she feels very lucky to be a part of a family in which many are educators, including her parents.

She lives at home with her cat, Mango and one brother as well as her father, Alan and her mother, Michele; who both work at the University of Southern Maine’s School of Music program. Her oldest brother is attending Temple University in Tokyo, Japan.

Favorite movie: The Hours
Favorite music group: Honeywater
Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving, because I love being around my family and going to Lubec to visit my grandparents.
Favorite hobbies and extracurricular activities: I’ve been involved backstage in the musical and One Act at WHS all four years and I love to volunteer in the auditorium. I’m the president of SHS and the vice president of NHS. Outside of school, I love hanging out with my friends and bowling. 

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