February 3, 2017

Town of Windham invites the community to provide input on the 21st Century Downtown Plan By Ben Smith

The Town of Windham planning office will offer a workshop to be held at the Little Meetinghouse on February 6, 2017.  The purpose of the workshop is to discuss changes to the land use ordinance, associated with implementing the 21st Century Downtown Plan for North Windham.  These changes will have an impact on what kinds of new uses are allowed, how new development in North Windham should look and how it contributes to re-establishing a sense of place for North Windham.

The evening will begin with pizza at 6 p.m., with the workshop to start at 6:30 p.m.  Discussion will include how the Town proposes to approach this work and hear from the Windham community on the most important things the Town should keep in mind as it proceeds with the 21st Century Downtown project over the next several months.

Over the last year or so, the Town has been working on the engineering for improvements within the Roosevelt and Tandberg Trails’ rights-of-way for sidewalks, signals, and access management.  These changes are an important part of the overall vision for North Windham established in the 21st Century Downtown Plan and will make North Windham a safer, more pleasant place to get around, whether walking or traveling by a car. 

Arguably, the biggest part of the vision, and the focus of our work on Monday, February 6 however, relates to how future development and re-development can support building a North Windham to be proud of; a place where more people choose to live and work and spend time.  This means changes to the land use ordinances and for the North Windham that help shape the form, design and types of allowed uses in the area. 
If you own a business or business property in North Windham and you’d rather connect individually or in a smaller group setting, with town staff and the consulting team assisting us, we’ve set aside time on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 7 and 8 for that purpose.

Please contact the planning office at:  plan@windhammaine.us to RSVP to the February 6 workshop, to arrange a meeting or with any questions you may have as this task gets started.  The Town will continue to update the project page on the website, (www.windhammaine.us/220/21st-Century-Downtown-Plan) as the plan keeps moving forward.

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