May 10, 2019

A special "Thank you" to our teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, May 5 to May 11. Reporter, Matt Pascarella spoke to some students in the Raymond and Windham Community and discovered what they had to say about their teachers and why they appreciate them. A few students from Raymond Elementary, Windham Middle School, Manchester School, Windham High School and Windham Christian Academy answered this question:

How have teachers made a difference in your life?

Greta Paulding, Windham Middle School - eighth grade:
“Teaching me everything I need to know, but also they’ve been really inspiring that they committed to helping kids...and really made an impact in everybody’s lives because they were willing to take the extra step and teach kids and show what it really means to help people in the community.”

Ella Washburn, Manchester School - fifth grade:
“They’ve helped me a lot through the grades by increasing and helping my learning skills and social skills.”

Brianna Johnson, Windham Christian Academy - tenth grade:
“They’ve encouraged me to really follow my dreams, or whatever I’m doing they’ve been like ‘go for it!’ and not to hold back.”

Bailey Ward, Raymond Elementary – fourth grade:
“They’ve helped me learn and grow in each grade; they’ve helped me be safe...they help learn a lot and they do a lot for us.”

Andrew Wing, Windham High School - grade 12:
“Teachers have done way more than teach us math equations and other stuff. They are always there for us with anything in life and are always motivating.”

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