November 21, 2015

Peter Pan defies gravity with laugh out loud humor and flying - By Michelle Libby

Peter Pan is a well-known story. There have been many renditions of the play and Windham taking on the challenge of a musical and flying was exciting for all involved. 
Peter Pan is the story of the little boy who won’t grow up and the Darling children who go on an adventure to Neverland with Peter to meet the lost boys, the Indians and pirates lead by Captain Hook. 
The first time Peter Pan took off, there was a collective gasp. It looked so impressive from the audience. I know it was more than just the ability to fly. There are strong men in the wings playing the part of the fairy dust. Even knowing that, it was exciting to see how well the actors did with singing, twirling through the air and acting. They were professionals to the very end. 

Peter Pan was played by Anna Giroux, who led the cast with great talent in singing, acting and flying. Alexis Wintle was Jane, Michael was Sam Barry and John was played by Will Wheaton. The three of them captured the wide-eyed excitement of children on an adventure. 

Andrew Shepard as Hook was my favorite character. He brought life to the part and it provided laugh out loud moments for the entire audience. Tiger Lily played by Jaydie Allen lead her band of girls in many soft shoe numbers. And Lana Pillsbury did an amazing pointe dance displaying her talent as a ballerina.
The only drawback to the show was the almost three hours in length and some scenes that didn’t move the story forward for me. 

The music and lighting add to the mood of the play and were so flawless that it seamlessly woven with the other amazing things that went on on the stage. 
That being said, it was totally worth the price of admission. There is one more weekend to fly away with Peter Pan on a grand adventure. Tickets are still on sale at the door for Friday (7 p.m.), Saturday (7 p.m.) and Sunday (2 p.m.) or call for reserved seating at 893-1742.

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