August 4, 2023

True crime podcaster to make Windham Public Library appearance

By Nicole Levine

An exciting opportunity for fans of true crime and an interest in podcasts will be coming to the Windham Public Library at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8. The library will be hosting a presentation by podcast creator, producer, and host Kylie Low of her show Dark Downeast: Maine and New England’s True Crime Podcast.

Creator, producer, and host Kylie Low of
the Dark Downeast: Maine and New
England's True Crime Podcast
will give
a presentation in-person and on ZOOM 
about the inner workings of the
podcasting industry and her show at the
Windham Public Library at 3 p.m. 
Tuesday, Aug. 8.
The event will be held in-person and listeners will also have the opportunity to attend virtually through Zoom. Throughout this presentation, Low will offer insight into the podcasting industry and share the inner workings of her own show.

Low’s presentation will demonstrate a variety of tips and tricks to beginning a podcast and will reveal industry secrets that she learned throughout her journey in podcasting. She aims to demonstrate the accessibility of podcasting in order to help alleviate the initial intimidation of beginning one’s own show, and to inspire more content creators.

She explained how everyone has their own unique voice and can tailor their content to their specific niche, when creating a podcast.

“There is value in your voice and in your vision. I want people to feel empowered to take action and start their show,” says Low.

Low's educational background and experience has helped support her skills when creating her podcast. She graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in journalism, with an interest specifically in investigative journalism.

She originally began her career as a morning radio host on the Q Morning Show with Lorri and Jeff. This experience gave her foundational experience and skills in audio storytelling. She then moved to New York City where she was introduced to the podcasting industry and found her passion within it.

In March 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Low unexpectedly found herself back in her hometown in Maine. Due to her new-found availability of time and space, she decided to pick up an idea she had in 2019, while she was still living in New York City. She was feeling homesick, continuously searching for Maine content. With a fascination for true crime, she decided to start her “Dark Downeast” podcast.

“Dark Downeast “consists of reviewing and investigating the facts of local unsolved deaths and disappearances in Maine. Low takes pride in “honoring the humans at the heart of each case,” while sharing the story in a way that can be lost in the traditional news media.

Oftentimes traditional news misses the core of who that person was when they were still alive, she said. Details about the death or disappearance itself are shared, but not a lot about who the person was, which is the story that Low intends to tell.

“I want to simply honor the legacy of the human whose life was lost,” she says.

While honoring the person who had lost their life, she also gives family and friends a platform to tell their side of the story, in a safe and supportive environment.

“My platform serves the families that I speak with,” she says. Her podcast is dedicated to the families who are dealing with this unsolved loss with no closure.

Low prepares for each story by conducting extensive research of each case. Typically, she looks for archival sources, such as old newspapers that are found online or in libraries, but the majority of her reporting comes from people close to the source themselves.

She often speaks with the victim’s family and friends, or investigators who are involved in the case. Ultimately, she is trying to find sources who would know the victim the best. Low is committed to only sharing the facts that she uncovers within a case, and strays away from unconfirmed information. She also has formed a relationship with the Maine State Police Unsolved Homicide Department and enjoys helping them in any way she can.

Low’s podcast is dedicated to providing a platform for those who lost someone to an unsolved crime. Her podcast stands out in a way that is meaningful to the families dealing with a loss, because of her primary focus on humanizing the victim.

She said her podcast could be considered a call to action for bringing attention to many of these overlooked stories, while honoring the person whose life was lost.

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