September 29, 2023

Special event gives residents close-up glimpse of Windham’s first responders

By Ed Pierce

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work as a firefighter, EMT or police officer for the community, Windham’s upcoming Public Safety Day will provide residents a close-up look at the people, equipment, vehicles, and duties of first responders in the town.

Children and families will be able to meet Windham
firefighters and Windham police officers, explore their 
equipment and vehicles and learn more about their work
during Windham Public Safety Day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Windham Public Safety Building,
375 Gray Road in Windham. The event is free.
The free event will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 14 at the Windham Public Safety Building, 375 Gray Road in Windham, and it promises to be educational, informative, and most of all, fun for all ages.

According to Windham Police Officer Justin Hudnor, Windham Public Safety Day is an excellent way for local residents and visitors to learn more about what it takes to keep the community safe and to thank the dedicated firefighters, EMTs, police officers and other community staff members and volunteers who put their lives on the line every single day in the line of duty.

“This will be a great event for the community and filled with plenty of free family activities,” Hudnor said.

Among a wide range of family activities, events will include Touch-a-Truck as participants will be able to sit in the cab of a Windham fire truck or a Windham police cruiser or experience a Crime Scene Drone Demonstration as investigators explain how a drone can aid in aerial search operations. There will also be fire extinguisher demonstrations by members of Windham Fire/Rescue teaching how to operate a fire extinguisher effectively and safely and a Smoke Trailer, which will offer the public some interactive and highly realistic fire prevention training featuring different scenarios about what to do and how to react during a fire when every second counts.

“There will also be a blow-up bouncy house for the kids, and we’ll have hotdogs and chips available at the open house for a fundraiser for the DARE program,” Hudnor said.

Participants will also find helpful information about the D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Program offered in Windham schools, and TRIAD, a cooperative partnership between law enforcement agencies, elder service providers, and seniors in our community. The primary mission of TRIAD is to reduce the criminal victimization of older citizens, enhance the delivery of law enforcement services, and improve the quality of life for seniors.

There will be presentations about the dangers of distracted driving and Hands-only CPR and Windham’s Animal Control Program.

Hudnor said that parents should take note of another important activity at the event where a representative will be on hand to perform child fingerprints for identification purposes.

“This is different from the National Night Out event in August because this is just about Windham Public Safety,” Hudnor said. “At Windham’s Public Safety Day, you’ll be able to meet and talk with police officers and firefighters and EMTs who serve the town and this community around the clock every day. You’ll be able to review the capabilities of the equipment and the vehicles that we use every day and to see how the departments are operating at the recently remodeled Public Safety Building in Windham.”

Hudnor said that the event will be a wonderful time to take photographs, tour the Public Safety Building grounds and experience what it’s like to serve the community as a firefighter, EMT or police officer.

“We believe this event will give everyone who attends and participates a much greater sense and understanding about who we are and what we do to keep this community safe each and every day,” he said. “Windham Public Safety Day is definitely an event not to be missed and will be a memorable time for all members of the family.” <

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