October 13, 2023

Windham Town Clerk candidate profile: Linda S. Morrell

Windham Town Clerk duties

The Windham Town Clerk is responsible for handling all the town's vital records, permitting and licensing, elections and voting, notary and dedimus service, records council meeting minutes, and assists the Tax Collection/Auto Registration department in tax collection and registration of personal property.

Windham Town Clerk candidate
Linda S. Morrell
The town clerk oversees Dog Licensing; Hunting/Fishing Licensing; Business Licenses and Permits; and Notary and Dedimus Service. The clerk’s office assists in Tax Collection/Auto Registration in collecting property taxes; assist in Tax Collection/Auto Registration in registering Autos, Boats, and ATVs; issues marriage licenses and has Welcome Packets available for new residents.

The Town Clerk ensures that excellent customer service is provided to the public in a courteous and friendly manner and supervises all elections conducted in the Town of Windham/ The clerk ensures all voter registration is handled in accordance with Maine Law and the Town Charter.

Linda S. Morrell


Windham Town Clerk

Two-year term

Graduated from Windham High School, and from the New England Clerk’s Institute. I am a Certified Clerk of Maine and have achieved my Lifetime Certification from the Maine Town & City Clerk’s Association.

I moved to Windham in 1974 from Portland. I have been happily married to my husband, Timothy Morrell Sr. for 44 years. We raised two sons, Tim Jr. and Chad, on our family farm raising cows.

Why did you decide to become a candidate for the Windham Town Clerk once again this year?

“I love the job, and I knew the upcoming 2024 election year was going to be challenging with a Presidential Primary in March, a June Primary, and the Presidential election in November. It will be 12 months of preparing and holding the elections.”

What attributes and behaviors are essential for the Town Clerk in Windham?

“The Town Clerk needs to have integrity, be honest, friendly, fair to all, treat everyone with respect, be willing to work long hours, make our residents feel welcome and be willing to go the extra mile.”

What do you feel is the most significant issue facing the town clerk’s office over the next three years and how do you feel you can help address this issue adequately for town residents?

“The Clerk’s Office is in a good position at the present time, but eventually, with our growing population, we will need to have four full-time employees to keep things running smoothly.”

Can you describe what you like the most about living in Windham?

“Windham has great community spirit. People are friendly, compassionate towards others and they are willing to help out in so many ways.”

What is the most challenging aspect of the Town Clerk’s duties and why should voters have confidence that you can meet that challenge?

“I have a great staff to keep things running smoothly. The Clerk’s Office oversees many different things for its citizens. We take pride in what we do. It is challenging because we wear many hats – the major things we are responsible for is preserving and issuing all the vital records for Windham’s citizens, the Clerk is Supervisor of Elections, (each election from start to finish is approximately 4-5 months of work), we handle voter registration, issuing yearly business licenses for approximately 150 different businesses, dog licensing for over 3,000 dogs, sportsman licenses and assist the Auto Registration & Tax Collection department.”

How do you determine priorities for the Town Clerk’s office when formulating your annual budget each year?

“I look ahead to the coming year preparing for the scheduled elections, I check to see if there is any equipment that might need to be replaced, and we keep up to date with the ongoing changes in our profession by continuing to take classes offered by our Clerk Associations and the State.”

What’s the most important thing you have learned about the town since you were first elected as the Windham Town Clerk?

“Our town continues to grow day by day, and we need to be prepared to meet the needs of everyone living here, but not so much that people cannot afford to live here. People like living in Windham, it is centrally located in Cumberland County, and it makes it quite easy to do lots of things without having to travel too far.”

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