May 17, 2024

Windham Middle School students donate socks to the Windham Clothes Closet

By Jolene Bailey

Last winter, Windham Middle School seventh- and eighth-grade band and orchestra students conducted a fundraiser called “Rock Your Socks for Toes in Need” and proceeds from the event help the students with expenses to -participate in the upcoming Trills and Thrills Music Festival for WMS musicians.

Windham Middle School students Aiden Hall, left, and 
Annabelle Riley, right, present Colette Gagnon of the
Windham Clothes Closet with a donation of 98 pairs of
new socks for people in need. WMS students sold socks
as part of a fundraiser for WMS Band and Orchestra and
the sock company matched sales with new socks for
the students to donate. SUBMITTED PHOTO   
The event was such a success that it gave WMS students an opportunity to also give back to their community. For every pack of colorful, fun socks that the middle school students sold in the fundraiser, the company agreed to give students a pair of free socks to donate to the Windham Clothes Closet.

“I heard about this fundraiser and like that it emphasizes giving back to the community, as well as raising much needed funds,” said Morgan Riley, WMS music teacher.

The students say it gives them a good feeling to know they can help others in need.

“It felt really nice to know that people who need some clothing will get some from us buying socks and selling them,” said eight grader Aiden Hall, who is a tenor and saxophone player at WMS.

The Windham Clothes Closet is open to residents and non-residents of Windham who are in need of clothing. Donations of clean, usable clothing are accepted at the facility on Gray Road in Windham.

On May 7, WMS band and orchestra members Hall and Annabelle Riley delivered 96 pairs of brand-new socks to Windham Clothes Closet as a result of their school’s fundraising success and the company’s match.

This was the second consecutive year that WMS students were able to make a sock donation to the Windham Clothes Closet.

Collette Gagnon, the manager at the Windham Clothes Closet, told us that last spring's donation was very well received by Windham residents in need. “This is just a feel-good fundraiser all the way around,” said Morgan Riley.

Hall said it’s nice to know the socks will be put to good use.

“It's super fun and I hope a lot of other people should try being a part of a fundraiser,” he said. “My favorite part would have to be seeing all the socks we are able to donate.”

For further fundraising information for WMS band and orchestra students, or to participate in next year’s “Rock Your Socks for Toes in Need,” contact the school. A link will be posted alerting the public to the fundraiser on the Windham Maine Community Board Facebook page. <

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