May 31, 2024

WMS student’s interest in photography takes off

By Jolene Bailey

Taking a photo is as easy as the click of a button on a phone. However, that simple click can capture a moment in time and the calling of creating a returning memory.

Windham Middle School eighth-grade student
Aiden Hall is a new photographer and was 
inspired by his grandfather, who took many
photos during his lifetime. Hall is practicing
photography this spring by taking photos at
Windham sports events.
“Before my grandfather passed away, he used to take so many photos. He took photos of loons, my mom’s graduation, and some of me. I just kind of want to carry on his legacy” said Windham Middle School eighth-grade student Aiden Hall.

Hall uses a Nikon D5300 camera to capture his passions and interests. The camera itself costs between $500 to $600.

“The camera has really good quality in my eyes and is really good for beginners,” said Hall, who has been taking photographs for about a month.

Photography can tell a story and inspire others. Pictures can be taken in different ways and are commonly seen as a unique art form. While it can give someone a closer look into what is happening in a scene, it can also require a process.

After the anticipation of waiting for the right moment, the one taking the photo is not actually done with it. The next steps after capturing the photo include downloading and editing the art.

“When it comes down to the editing, it is not really that hard for me,” Hall said. “I use an app called Canva and it has helped me a lot with my vision of what I want the photo to turn out as.”

After the editing process, then comes the finished product. Most of Hall’s photos are related to sports. He recently took photos at a girls’ lacrosse game in Windham.

“The game was at a little field near the Windham Middle School as we like to call it the bowl because it’s shaped like one. I guess this game lifted my photography and kind of got me started,” said Hall.

“A coach asked me if I wanted to help out with the team and I said yes. She is my English teacher, Ms. Blair, who’s the best teacher I have ever had. Now I play the role of their team manager/assistant coach in baseball,” said Hall.

Despite his interest in lacrosse, he also helps players in softball and baseball with everlasting memories in the form of a photograph. A typical game lasts around an hour and a half. These games and players have provoked Hall’s motivation.

“Just the way where people are always nice, treat me with respect and care about me really makes a difference,” said Hall. In fact, his sports friends constantly asking him to be around their games with his camera has given him hope for his future passion.

“Taking photos is something I do want to keep doing in the future, but I also want to be in the NFL, be a beta tester or game designer. It feels good that I know that people are liking the pictures I take,” he said. “Although most of my photographs are sports related, I do like to take some other pictures from time to time. One example is a nice close-up photo of grass moving from the wind and just like anything that’s really cool I see."

A passion for encouraging surrounding people can make a difference in many lives. With kind and supportive teammates, you can bring out the best in someone and yourself, Hall said. <

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