July 7, 2017

Drug-Free Community Coalition to host Lunch and Learn for parents

Be The Influence Coalition (BTI), a Windham and Raymond community partnership to create a drug-
free community, will host a conversation with parents and caregivers of today’s youth on Wednesday, July 12 at the Windham Public Library from noon to 1 p.m.

Topics of discussion will include how drugs affect the underdeveloped brain and how to talk to youth effectively and honestly about remaining drug-free. There will be time for questions and feedback.

BTI believes that substance use and abuse is a community-wide concern which requires a
community-wide response. BTI’s mission is to promote community collaboration with the focus on today’s Windham and Raymond youth, assisting them in making good decisions and remaining drug free.

Bring a brown bag lunch and be ready to learn, discuss and offer feedback regarding the importance of preventing youth drug use and creating a drug-free community. 

For more information about this event call the Project Director, Laura Morris at 587-680-0661.

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