September 15, 2017

Emergency moratorium passed by Windham Town Council by Lorraine Glowczak

Many members of the Highland Lake community, including a local construction company, attended the Windham Town Council meeting on Tuesday, September 14 to either oppose or support the adoption of an emergency ordinance establishing a moratorium on certain development activities in the Highland Lake watershed. 

Citizens concerned about the passage of the emergency moratorium included an individual who is building a home on the watershed and whose project will have to be delayed, as well as representatives from Chase Custom Homes construction who has already received permission from DEP to build upon the Highland Lake watershed.

Highland Lake community members who proposed and support the moratorium also spoke to the council, reiterating their concern regarding pico-cyanobacteria (PCB) – a microscopic bacteria proliferating in the lake, most likely caused in part because of a high level of nutrients (namely phosphorus and nitrogen) in the lake.

Upon hearing public comment from all individuals the town council voted for the moratorium unanimously, preventing development for 180 days, giving time to study the concerns regarding environmental damage to Highland Lake.

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