June 28, 2019

Christmas in June at the Raymond Village Library

By Sheila Bourque

Each December, a wonderful event occurs at the Raymond Village Library - the annual Holiday tree lighting! The voices of the Jordan-Small Middle School choir ring out, Santa Claus arrives in style in a bright red Public Safety fire engine and hot chocolate and cookies are passed around to all.

Dale Gilman and Laurie Wallace show off the
new tree that will don bright lights this Christmas
The festive spirit of the evening never fails as “oohs” and “ahs” spread through the crowd when the tree comes to life. The children can barely contain their excitement as Santa Claus arrives. While Santa Claus’s line is plenty long, the line for children climbing into the fire engine and ringing its bell come in a close second! The Raymond Village Lions Club sponsors this event and is the keeper of this Raymond tradition.

Each year the Lion’s club brings a tree to the library, sets it up and decorates it with colorful lights. The tree is placed in an iron pipe that is buried in the ground. This annual tradition is challenging as the pipe is often buried in snow and ice. Finding and clearing the pipe is no small task.

On Friday, June 14, the holidays arrived a little early at the Raymond Village Library. The Raymond Lions Club planted an evergreen tree on the library’s front lawn. This live tree will stand on the library’s lawn and become the Raymond Holiday tree for years to come. This live tree will be cared for by the Lions Club and will be kept in perfect holiday shape.

The Raymond Village Library would like to thank the Lions Club for their continued support of the library and the community of Raymond. The next time you stroll up the library’s sidewalk, look straight ahead at our new living holiday tree. Whenever you see the bright yellow vests of a Raymond Lions Club member, be sure to thank them for making Raymond a community to be proud of!

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