June 28, 2019

Raymond Fire and Rescue participates in Jordan-Small Middle School Career Day

Seven members of the Raymond Fire and Rescue Department (RFRD) spent several hours with 47 fifth grade students at Jordan-Small Elementary School in Raymond. This is the third year that the RFRD has educated fifth graders on their career day as to what is involved in becoming a firefighter or EMT/paramedic. 

The students first listened to an interactive presentation on the education, training, and fitness standards necessary to be in the fire/EMS service. The students all had various questions which were answered. Following the question and answer session, groups of students went to three training stations with fire apparatus where they saw various medical equipment. Each tool, firefighting and extrication equipment was explained by department paramedics regarding its importance and the purpose of its use. 

The subjects of math and science and how it plays a role in the fire/EMS service was emphasized, as well as the need for a high school diploma – along with at least two years of college education, plus regular on-going training.  

“The students gained an appreciation that not only is the fire/EMS service physically demanding, but it also requires a lot of technical knowledge that is always changing,” explained Fire Chief Bruce Tupper.

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