June 28, 2019

Student of the Week: Jayden Grenier

Jayden Grenier, a student at Jordan-Small Middle School, is The Windham Eagle’s Student of the Week. Grenier enjoys bike riding and playing outside.

“Jayden is a hard worker who pursues challenges and is excited to learn,” stated his teacher. “He has taken on extra work in classes and is always focused and on task.  He stands out for his sense of responsibility and work ethic, single handedly turning in the biggest numbers on our band practice challenge. Jayden shows consistency and perseverance in the art room and he is a responsible student who strives to do well in class. He fully participates in all activities and is respectful to his peers. 

Jayden is quiet and has a wonderful sense of humor.  His demeanor adds a lightness to the classroom to allow for fun but always stays within the boundaries of what is appropriate.”

Grenier stated that learning new things is what makes education fun for him. His favorite subject is music and his favorite musical group is All Rock.

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